We Answer Your Sponsorship Questions

We Answer Your Sponsorship Questions

With our team of sponsorship consultants, we help clients turn challenges into solutions, ensuring you stand out in your markets and make a lasting impact.

We Serve Clients in Three Areas

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Services for Sponsors

Sponsors who want to leverage cutting-edge strategies and industry best practices to ensure their sponsorship relationships achieve maximum ROI.

Services for Properties

Properties, including sports, arts, entertainment, events, and non-profits, seeking to improve their partnership programs and the value of their offerings.

Sponsorship Coaching for Sellers

Individuals and organizations who want expert coaches to support them as they improve their sponsorship-selling skills. Find sponsors with our Sponsorship Success Method.

Free Deck Diagnosis Workshop

Attend Deck Diagnosis, CHARGE’s free workshop where we explore how to make sponsorship decks that sell. Join us on Wednesday, July 10 at 1:30 PM ET for our next workshop.

Sponsorship Resource Center

Over 100 free articles, videos, templates, and guides to empower a sponsorship hero to win the day.

Sponsorship Articles

Every two weeks, CHARGE offers its take on sponsorship best practices. Check it out to stay on top of your sponsorship game.

Sponsorship Videos

Every Wednesday, CHARGE posts a new video on its YouTube Channel to answer your most challenging sponsorship question.

Sponsorship Newsletter

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As the leading sponsorship consulting agency for brands and properties, we will help you achieve your best results.

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