What We Do

CHARGE’s clients have challenges in need of solutions. That’s why we don’t consider ourselves “sponsorship experts.” We’re “problem-solving experts who specialize in sponsorship.”

While every client brings a unique challenge, our problem-solving approach is the same. We identify the roadblocks standing in their way and help them develop an innovative solution involving sponsorship.

As problem-solvers, we don’t specialize in a type of client or industry. Since opening our doors in 2006, we’ve helped clients large and small, famous and less famous. They may come from automotive, mobility, healthcare, technology, professional sports, non-profits, esports, or financial services. They may be individuals who want to leverage sponsorship to make their dreams come true.

And while our clients have little in common at first, they all share a common experience after meeting us. Through our expertise and passion for helping clients through sponsorship, we leave each with one less challenge standing between them and success.


Ken Ungar President Charge

Ken Ungar


Ronda Hite VP, Finance & Operations

Ronda Hite

VP, Finance & Operations

Kyle Richert

Kyle Richert

Account Director

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