What We Do

We could call ourselves “sponsorship experts”.

Instead, we are “problem-solving experts who specialize in sponsorship.”

Since opening our doors in 2006, we’ve solved many problems for clients: large and small, famous and less-famous. All of them used sponsorship to solve business challenges. 

We diagnose the roadblocks standing in their way, create a strategy to achieve their goals, develop a process to implement that strategy, and help them connect the dots and problem-solve.

And we’re really good at what we do for one simple reason. We love it.

We love it so much that we wrote the book, Sponsorship Strategy to help as many people as we could…because solving problems through sponsorship is what we do.

We can help you overcome your challenges too.


Ken Ungar President Charge

Ken Ungar


Ronda Hite VP, Finance & Operations

Ronda Hite

VP, Finance & Operations

Kyle Richert

Account Director

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