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“Sponsorship Strategy”

A sponsorship strategy is a plan that aims to achieve a business objective by forming a marketing partnership. Such a partnership can have a significant impact. For the sponsor, sponsorships can help increase brand awareness, influence consumer opinion about a brand, or promote sales. For the other partner in sponsorship, the property, sponsorship brings revenue and a new promotional partner. The classic “win-win.” 


Why Sponsorship Strategy?

With a sponsorship strategy, sponsors and properties can achieve their business goals. Learn why this strategy is so important to the sponsorship process.

winning sponsorship strategy

Building a Winning Sponsorship Strategy

This article guides you through the five steps to build a winning sponsorship strategy.

Four Steps to Sponsorship Measurement Success

“What gets measured gets managed.” We’ll show you how to get started in the measurement process. 

“The Manual for Sponsorship Strategy Ninjas”

From neighborhood youth sports to major festivals to the Olympic Games, sponsorship is big business, generating an estimated $62 billion worldwide. It is now one of the most valuable tools to enhance a brand’s image and promote sales. However, “tactics without strategy is the slowest route to victory,” and organizations risk wasting valuable resources without the right approach.

Combining decades of sponsorship experience with the insights of industry insiders, Ken Ungar, president and founder of CHARGE, developed Sponsorship Strategy: Practical Approaches to Powerful Sponsorships as a resource for anyone wanting to up their sponsorship game. This book blends research-based strategies with real-world experiences to help sports organizations, nonprofits, and corporate brands achieve the best results.

Sponsorship Strategy offers straightforward advice, including how to:

  • Identify the shared target audience for sponsorship
  • Evaluate the potential impact of a sponsorship property
  • Leverage the “superpower” of image transfer
  • Employ B2B sponsorships, corporate social responsibility, and the first-mover advantage

It provides the reader with a strategic toolbox to improve sponsorship’s return on investment.

This book teaches the fundamentals of an effective strategy for the professional starting out in sponsorship. For the sponsorship veteran, Sponsorship Strategy offers a checklist of issues vital to making every sponsorship work better. Every marketer who wants powerful sponsorships needs to read this book.

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