Learn How to Find Sponsors

Without the right support, finding sponsors can be a struggle.

That’s why we leveraged our decades of sponsorship experience to create one method for you to get the sponsorship you’re seeking.

Do you ask any of these questions:

– Where do I find the right sponsors?
– How much do I charge for sponsorships?
– How do I create a deal-closing deck?

If so, we created a straightforward method to empower you with all the answers.


The Key to Your Dreams Can Be Found Here


The Elements of the Sponsorship Success Method

Video Call

Video On-Demand

On-demand training videos each focused on one vital part of the Sponsorship Success Method

Q&A Session

Group Coaching

Weekly group Q&A sessions live on ZOOM to help you apply everything you’ve learned in the workshops

Sponsorship Price

Pricing Calculator

Set sponsorship prices like a pro with our exclusive pricing calculator. Never undercharge again!

Video Call Participants

Online Community

Lifetime access to our private online community where you can share best practices with CHARGE clients and experts

CHARGE Sponsorship Deck Template

Resource Library

Exclusive sponsorship templates and guides to use in your sponsorship sales program


What Clients Are Saying About the Sponsorship Success Method

“The Sponsorship Success Method program fine-tuned my sponsorship skills. Its also gave me the tools to make the behind-the-scenes work efficient. This was a great step forward for my partnerships and for working with charitable organizations for the betterment of my community!”

Dave M. | Pro Angler & Guide


Service Pricing


Sharing Sponsorship Secrets to Transform Your Program

Ken Ungar

For seventeen years, CHARGE has been helping clients large and small leverage the power of sponsorship.The experts at CHARGE created the Sponsorship Success Method out of their experience and research in helping people transform their organizations through sponsorship.

Ken Ungar, our lead sponsorship coach, has twenty-five years’ experience buying and selling sponsorships with organizations from Fortune 500 brands to small businesses.  Author of two books, including Sponsorship Strategy: Practical Approaches to Powerful Sponsorships, Ken leads our group coaching sessions and participates in the online community, along with CHARGE’s sponsorship experts.