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One of the first steps to selling sponsorships is to create your sponsorship deck. Your deck is a great place to answer any questions your prospect may have and hopefully move them further along the buyer’s journey towards making a decision. Be careful though, a simple sponsorship deck may not be as simple as you thought. Keep reading to learn the four keys to successfully building a sponsorship deck.

Build a template

  • Make it simple for you. If you aren’t using a product like Digideck, which builds out templates, and are using PowerPoint, Illustrator or InDesign, then you need to build out a template presentation. Create all the pages you think you could need at the beginning so that you can customize and grab them ad hoc. Your initial deck may be 30 pages and above. You will only send applicable pages based on what you are presenting to a specific prospect.

Customize to the prospect

  • Customize your sales deck to the prospect. It may sound so simple but including your prospects logo as often as possible makes it feel as if it is personal to the prospect. Most importantly, lead with what is important to the prospect not what you think is important to yourself. You want to talk about yourself, but it has to be in the context of you making something better for the prospect in an area of their business.

Customize the assets

  • You can have your template, but you still need to customize your assets for each presentation. For example, if you are showing the placement of a banner, don’t be generic. Create a banner with your prospects branding on it. If you are showing off your digital platforms, mock-up some social medial posts that showcase the potential partnership with the prospect. The more effort you show in mock-ups the more credibility you build.

Include pricing

  • If this deck is anything but the very first introduction, include the price. Brand reps receive large quantities of sponsorship proposals. If they don’t know the cost, then what you’re selling will have to be far superior on its merit to be better than what anybody else is pitching.

There are a lot of ways to create a proper sponsorship deck.

If you include the above 4 tactics into them, you will simplify your process while creating more personal decks for your sponsorship prospects. Happy creation and selling!

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