Exploring Paid and Free Resources for Sponsorship Audience Research

In sponsorship, aligning a property’s audience with a sponsor’s target market is important. Sponsors seek assurance that their investment reaches both their existing and potential customers. To achieve this, conducting thorough sponsorship audience research is crucial.

Sponsorship Audience Survey

One of the most effective ways to gather audience data is directly from the source. Methods such as on-site event surveys, email surveys sent to ticket buyers, or professional market research surveys have proven reliable in defining an audience. However, there are instances when properties face budget constraints that hinder them from acquiring audience data through paid sources, not to mention the time and effort involved. The good news is that free resources can complement your existing audience data.

Free Resources for Sponsorship Audience Research

1. Google Analytics

In today’s Digital Age, Google Analytics is a valuable tool. A property’s website and its sponsored events are closely intertwined. From pre-event promotions to event details and post-event follow-ups, the website leaves digital traces revealing key audience information. Google Analytics, a free resource, offers insights into the age and gender of your website visitors. Furthermore, it hints at their interests, including online travel and purchasing behaviors. Google Analytics is an invaluable source of audience data; the best part is it doesn’t cost a dime.

2. Facebook

If your organization manages a Facebook Page, you can tap into some general demographic information. Social media platforms, like Facebook, offer an additional glimpse into your audience. Whether it’s Facebook or another social media platform, this demographic data helps you construct a more comprehensive profile of the property’s audience. It’s worth noting that online users may differ in age from event attendees, a distinction that becomes significant when prospective sponsors aim to match their customer base with your audience.

3. Audience Explorer from YouGov

Audience Explorer, a product of the market research firm YouGov, provides a snapshot of numerous brands along with the demographics and psychographics of their customers. Even in its free version, Audience Explorer equips a property with enough information to tailor a compelling sponsorship pitch for potential sponsors. For example, a quick search of the beloved brand Five Guys reveals that its fans are predominantly male, middle-aged, and reside in the Northeast. Moreover, Audience Explorer unveils additional insights, such as their interests in comedy, rock music, and social media websites.

4. Claritas PRIZM

Claritas PRIZM delves into audience demographics, breaking them down into geographic segments based on zip codes. This database categorizes communities into 68 “neighborhood types,” offering a rich tapestry of demographic and psychographic data. While a comprehensive exploration of lifestyles and interests necessitates a paid license from this market research agency, the free features provide valuable audience insights. Particularly for properties serving specific communities, this tool can offer sponsors intriguing glimpses into local audiences.

Understanding one’s audience can never be taken lightly. However, we acknowledge that financial constraints often influence the ability to conduct extensive market research. Consequently, if a property or sponsor can enhance their understanding of an audience through freely available data, it’s a win-win situation.

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