No matter the industry, sponsorship can be your most powerful marketing tool.

Brands and properties may have similar and yet different sponsorship needs. Brands must continually connect with their customers and drive awareness. At the same time, properties increasingly rely on sponsorship to meet their revenue goals. Having an expert on your side who understands the issues from every perspective can make the difference in a successful sponsorship strategy.

At CHARGE, we have over 15 years of experience helping brands and properties skillfully unlock the power of sponsorship. We know the right way to support our clients in solving sponsorship challenges and aid them in making informed decisions.


Creating powerful sponsorships is an art form. Taking the right idea and skillfully crafting the best strategy defines who we are as client advisors. Our passion for strategy and our specific sponsorship expertise set us apart.

We help our clients:

  • Develop a strategy that extends their marketing goals through sponsorship

  • Identify which sponsorships help them reach their ideal audience

  • Recommend activation strategies maximizing the impact of a sponsorship

  • Select key performance indicators and targets to ensure sponsorships deliver the desired result

  • Create sales tools, including sponsorship packages, categories, decks, and proposals

  • Negotiate all the details of the sponsorship relationship

  • Transform your sponsorship sales program through our Sponsorship Success Method

Sponsorship Management

Much like a symphony conductor has to oversee every aspect of an orchestra to put on a great performance, a powerful sponsorship requires the same attention to detail. Some of our clients need help with the day-to-day of managing complicated sponsorship relationships. Our sponsorship management ability to take that responsibility and drive successful programs for our clients defines us.

We help our clients:

  • Manage their sponsorship program

  • Develop and manage a sponsorship budget

  • Coordinate the sponsorship relationship between internal and external teams and agencies

  • Serve as their representative “on the ground”

  • Report on sponsorship results

  • Recommend real-time and long-term improvements to their sponsorship program

Valuation and Evaluation

Understanding the true value of a sponsorship or a particular asset is paramount to creating skillfully crafted sponsorships. Brands and properties can struggle with answering the question, “What is “X” worth?”. Our processes for evaluating and putting real values towards packages will turn our clients into expert decision-makers and more effective negotiators.

We help our clients:

  • Evaluate sponsorships within their sponsorship portfolio

  • Determine the objective price for sponsorship rights

  • Recommend a strategy for sponsorship renewal based on past performance

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