A critical component to the world of motorsports is the presence and support of auto manufacturers.

These manufacturers are involved in racing for a number of reasons. Above all else, they’re trying to sell cars. Because of that fact, dealerships have long been inadvertently connected to motorsports. In years past, dealerships would subscribe to the notion of “win on Sunday, sell on Monday.” So why is dealer activation so important?

For automotive brands, getting in-market dealers engaged with and participating in motorsports events can be beneficial for all parties involved. Involving the dealers allows manufacturers the opportunity to connect the racetrack to the showroom product. As a result they can better emphasize performance, technology, speed. As well as overall “cool” factor of the brand. Whether it be in a Ford Fusion in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series or a Ford Fusion that you can drive off the lot, there are connections to be made.

There are also a number of ways for dealers to take advantage of the brand’s participation in their market. Depending on the manufacturer and its agreements with the individual series. There could be opportunities and assets available to use in conjunction. Those assets could include consumer ride and drive opportunities, digital content, tickets giveaways. Other assets could include via test drive, service and sales incentives, on-track signage, vehicle displays and more.

In-dealership promotion can be a great way for dealerships to get involved as well.

Simple promotions like providing race tickets to anyone who takes a test drive or comes in for a routine oil change can be a simple way to drive some traffic into the store. Adding race and manufacturer co-branded promotional items and signage in-dealership can also increase awareness.

With a stronger connection between the racetrack and the showroom, “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” may not be so antiquated after all. CHARGE has decades in motorsports marketing experience, and we’d be happy to assist in your motorsports experience.

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