We love what we do.

We provide advice to brands and properties wanting to achieve the best results with sponsorship.

We really love when clients find more success after our work together.

Some clients know a lot about sponsorship but want expert help in a narrow area. Other clients come to sponsorship for the first time, needing wide-ranging assistance in making sponsorship work as part of their marketing plan. Regardless of their experience level, we have seen enough to separate the successful clients from those who minimize their potential.

A manifesto is a public declaration of opinions on a subject. This CHARGE manifesto represents our views, developed over twenty-five years, on what we believe about successful properties.

At CHARGE, we believe:

Successful properties “market first, then they sell.”

Not every property “deserves” sponsorship. Properties earn sponsorship support with strong brands and great marketing. Successful properties build marketing platforms worthy of sponsorship support.

Successful properties understand their audiences.

Sponsors want access to valuable customer audiences that properties control. Successful properties know everything about their audiences to create value for sponsors. They view audience research as a must-have, not an unaffordable luxury.

Successful properties understand what sponsors value.

Successful properties know what sponsors look for to build their brands and sell more products. These properties create programs to accomplish these objectives with laser-like precision. They do not offer signs, ads, or other surplus inventory to needlessly weigh packages down and drive prices up.

Successful properties set rights fees by value and not by need.

Successful properties understand the value of the intellectual property and assets. Value is determined by the sponsor and not the property. For this reason, the successful property knows the sponsor does not care about the property’s operating costs.

Successful properties are creative.

Because sponsorship is competitive, successful properties find a new way to achieve sponsor goals. They provide value creatively customized to the sponsor’s needs. The successful property knows this sets them apart from the pack in the market place.

Successful properties are great consultants.

They serve as an extension of the sponsor’s marketing team. By offering great advice and ideas, successful properties build partner loyalty. The property works as hard for the sponsor as the sponsor does.

Successful properties put sponsor needs first.

Just like the customer is always right, the sponsor is always right. Successful properties ensure that sponsors always see value from the relationship, even when circumstances make it challenging.

Successful properties act proactively.

They never need to be prompted to provide reports, schedule meetings, or deliver assets. The successful property becomes known as an utterly dependable organization in the eyes of its sponsors. They also communicate proactively, delivering good news or bad news at the same speed.  When the you-know-what has hit the fan, the successful property has already alerted its sponsor partner.

Successful properties excel at sponsor service.

These properties assign specific staff trained to provide excellent sponsorship service. When challenges arise, sponsors always know who to call and who solves problems effectively. These successful properties end up renewing a high proportion of their existing sponsors.

Over time, we’ve learned that our advice works best with clients who share our beliefs. If you feel the same way about sponsorship, we will enjoy comparing notes. Contact us to schedule a call.

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