Streaming popularized on sites like Twitch have taken over the entertainment sector. Twitch receives more than 15 million unique daily visitors. One reason for this high volume of visitors: they all want to see entertaining, skilled gamers stream their respective games.

Streaming itself is the idea of a person playing a video game on camera. People will then watch them. Amongst streamers, small variations exist – whether they show their face, what game they play, etc. However, the largest and most important variation revolves around what the streamer’s brand is. 

Brands help streamers attract an audience, no doubt remains about that. The person could be looking for a fun, whimsical streamer with a light-hearted brand, such as Ninja, or a more intense, serious streamer, such as Faker. Remember, brands are all about being three things: authenticunique, and simple.

The best streamers fill those criteria. They authenticate their brand by not faking a personality to get viewers. Their brands breathe uniqueness so other streamers aren’t competing with them. And they appear so simple that it doesn’t distract from the most important part of a streamer’s brand: the streamer themselves.

Among streamer brands, there are two main types.

The first are team brands and the second are personal brands.

Many popular streamers play on pro teams and stream in their free time as a way to practice while also making extra money. By doing this, they often carry their team’s brand on stream. Despite this, they do still promote their own personality and uniqueness within the team.

A great example of this is TSM_Myth. Not only does he make people laugh and act goofy, but he also has his team name within his Twitch name. Then while playing, you see a Team SoloMid (TSM) banner behind him and he often wears TSM gear. TSM merchandise can be accessed from his page and TSM sponsors are shown as well.

Some streamers solely create personal brands and aren’t affiliated with a team. They will have their own sponsors, sell their own merchandise, and carry their own authenticity. And since the streamer remains to be the only person with this brand, versus a team of players all promoting the team brand, it has a greater deal of uniqueness.

DrDisrespect can be seen as a great example of this. He dedicated everything to his personal brand, starting with his looks. Notorious for his mullet and handlebar mustache, he rocks these iconic looks both in person and within his logo. He carries this unique get-up into a humorous stream, which in turn makes his stream extremely fun to watch.

Streamers are all about brands and will continue to be so; which is why sponsors interested in involving themselves with streamers must pay attention to the brands. Whether sponsoring a team that will then have multiple streamers or sponsoring a single person who creates a more unique atmosphere interests them, the importance of brands in this thought process cannot be overemphasized.

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