Whether you are hosting a nationally bid out event, a large-scale concert or a much smaller social event, tapping into the power of local community is a great way to enhance your event.

Volunteer Power

Running events takes manpower. Sure, you can go out and hire temporary labor or travel with a large staff which has a higher cost associated with it or you can engage your local community for their support through volunteers. Most communities have an army of volunteers waiting to assist with the actual work. They also serve as local ambassadors to events.  Think of how often volunteers post on social media about their experiences and their training. Just remember they have power. Make sure their experience is one they enjoy so their effort and social posts are all positive.

Promotional Power

Engaging local restaurants, bars and social groups can assist your marketing efforts for any event. These local establishments can feel as if they have a stake in the event and do a great job of promoting the event. We are talking more than just slapping a poster on the wall or near the entrance. You will need to engage the establishments in the weeks/months leading up to your event.

Budget Power

It is natural to want what is best for your community, the need to have your event be better than anyone else’s. This can be financially helpful for event organizers/committees. As you approach groups such as tourism associations or visitors bureaus from a city, country or state level. These organizations purpose is help bring events and experiences to their community.  They can assist with the booking of venues, hotels, and also help with their own checkbook to make sure you come to their neck of the woods.

These were just a couple of ways that taping into your local community can really help take your event to the next level. Even if you have a fully staffed travel show, there are opportunities in every community you enter to engage and make them take civic pride in your event being successful.

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