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Here in the Midwest, the winters sometime feel like an eternity. We always look forward to the time when the cold weather breaks and the seasons transition from spring to summer. When it’s time to take the events from inside to outside. Outdoor events have advantages like abundant space, natural lighting and ambiance. There a few things to keep in mind when talking your event outside.


When the temperature rises, so does the need to keep your guests, staff and volunteers healthy and hydrated. On average, the human body can lose 10% to 20% more fluid on a hot day. How do you ensure everyone at your event is properly hydrated? Here are some recommendations.

  1. Add additional vendors and locations where water can be purchased or provide complimentary hydration stations. The complimentary part may be difficult. The right brand may want to align themselves with this opportunity through a sponsorship to create a positive experience with the brand.
  2. Promote the need for hydration through public announcements. Whether it’s a PA read every half an hour or a scoreboard announcement, let the public know to increase their water consumption.
  3. When it comes to your staff, you want to ensure that they are properly hydrated. Offer water in break rooms and other locations. If the event is a large venue, you may want to consider a mobile unit such as golf cart that takes water directly to your staff.

Emergency Services 

Although you hope you don’t have to use their services, increased temperatures leads to an increased likelihood of heat-related incidents. Having a properly staffed EMT unit is key. Depending on the size and scope of your event, you want to take into account the estimated attendance to make sure you have enough emergency staff ready to go and that they can quickly respond to any incidents.

At larger outdoor events, you may want to think about implementing a guest / staff CTA (call-to-action) for emergency situations like a number to text or call if something happens. Implementing a “see something, say something” initiative may decrease the EMT response time and make your guests feel like they’re in a safe environment.


When the forecast calls for a partly sunny and warm day, it’s likely going to be a good day (who wants clouds and rain, right?). Although the sun can be a warm and welcomed touch to any outdoor event, the truth is it can be brutal if guests are exposed to it all day with nowhere to escape.

As an event-marketer, you want to make sure your guests have places to get out of the sun. Whether it’s a component of your hydration station listed above, an extravagant shaded space with misters or just strategically placed umbrellas. Offering a place where your guests can escape the sun will impact their overall experience with your event.

You want your guests and staff to be safe and enjoy their time at your event.  You also want them talking about how great your event was. How they can’t wait to come back so protecting them from the elements that summer may bring will help separate you from the competition.

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